Call for Papers

Extended Deadline:  October 7, 2018.

3-5 pages ACM Extended Abstracts Format.


Digital products and services are commonplace in our personal lives where software and its algorithms provide assistance and amenities. However, interactive systems within industrial settings have yet to catch up with consumer products, especially with regard to the quality of interaction and user experience. With the rise of automation and data exchange on massive scales, the role of human work is challenged and the importance of cooperation emphasized. New concepts of smart factories in which machines and software are doing parts of the work tasks emerge, drastically altering the nature of work in industrial settings from manual labor to increasingly complex tasks. HCI and especially CSCW offer concepts, technical tools and methods to cope with this disruptive shift towards an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Networked assistive systems, for instance, are capable of individually addressing and satisfying the diverse needs of a heterogeneous workforce.

This full-day workshop explores the design space of IIoT applications. We welcome researchers and practitioners from a diversity of disciplines addressing questions on technological, human, organizational and methodological challenges and opportunities for IIoT applications from an HCI point of view.

We solicit position papers of 3-5 pages in the ACM Extended Abstracts Format describing original research and outlining a person’s interest and experience in the workshop topic. Submissions will be juried by the organizing committee based on originality and relevance. Selected papers will be made available on the workshop website.

Please submit contributions via email to by September 28, 2018.


  • The Role of the Human in IIoT
    Impact of digitial tools on the human role in industrial workplaces
  • Technological Developments shaping IIoT
    Design and acceptance of complex technological systems (AI, networked systems, distributed infrastructures, etc.)
  • Organizational Implications of IIoT
    Integrated organization and technology development
  • Research Methodology for IIoT
    Appropriate methodological approaches for real life studies


  • Position papers: opinions, vision, perspectives and points of view.
  • Design studies: Designing and evaluating IT-artifacts for and in industrial settings, challenges, lessons learned and best practices;
  • Methodological reflections: Reports about field work carried out with one of the above described target groups, reflections on actively involving users in design process, challenges, best practices and lessons learned;

3-5 pages in the ACM Extended Abstracts Format.


Deadline: September 28, 2018.

The position paper should be 3-5 pages and follow the ACM Extended Abstract Format .

Send submissions and inquiries to the following email address:

Sep 28, 2018 Submission of papers
Oct 5, 2018
Review Phase
Nov 3, 2018
IIoT Workshop at CSCW 2018

At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop, please refer to for registration.